Spring/Summer Trends 2022

Waking up after the 2-year Covid suppression, all of a sudden, a workday in pajamas or sweatpants is not a thing anymore, we are all eager to go BOLD. Jewelry is not excluded. Fashion jewelry designers around the globe are bringing back all the colors, shapes, and sparkles on the table, for you to enjoy and finally celebrate life.

Let’s dive right into it as we know, this spring and summer you are eager to shine bright!

1. Go big or go home. Fashion jewelry is larger than ever. And that means – literally large jewelry pieces are complementing your outfit. All accessories: earrings, necklaces, bracelets are twice the size, to make a bold statement, and visually emphasize your elegant neck or long arms

2. Colors bursting everywhere. To be more specific, candy colored fashion jewelry items are trending. Think of all shades of lollipops, gummies, chewing gums or candy. They are all complementing your tanned skin on the beach. Mix and match different shades of colors and enjoy a full spectrum: pop in pink earring studs, wear cotton candy-colored beaded bracelets, or add some sparkle with ice crystals to your neck.

3. Silver is the new gold. Chrome colored jewelry quietly re-entered last summer, but this year it is making a grand entrance. As far as the shapes go: round symmetrical shiny pieces make a great statement piece.

4. Chain yourself. Designers are complementing their outfits with macro size chains around your neck and even your waist. For spring/summer 2022 chains are everywhere: shoes, handbags, jackets, or belts.

5. All chocked up. Draw attention to your neckline with a statement chocker. Chose it bold and bright, or minimalistic and very ‘au naturel’.

6. Pearls are classy but sassy. Pearls are a statement for classy, but this time around they bring some “jazz” with unique shapes: baroque style pearl earrings or a bracelet will elevate your style big time.