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About Her

Vanesa de Marko jewelry shares inspirational stories of exceptional women. Our classy, bold, yet elegantly designed jewelry not only makes you look stylish but also reminds you how truly special you are.

The Vanesa de Marko brand was intended to build a community, where women share their unique stories, inspire others, and get inspired. Quite often social media, TV, and magazines create a picture of how “the perfect woman” looks, fitting a standard or the general expectation of others. Unrealistic beauty standards can overpower inner beauty, personalities, and life experiences. That’s why Vanesa de Marko jewelry looks to emphasize what matters and helps women to be free from these unrealistic standards, instead, celebrating each woman’s strength and uniqueness.

Women that inspire the Vanesa de Marko brand, experience everyday struggles but still shine bright, like the real-life, individual, unique women that are close in your life (a mother, sister, friend, teacher, or maybe even a caregiver or first-responder). The Vanesa de Marko woman is brave, bold, and iconic. She is living her life to the fullest and outshines all.

Vanesa de Marko jewelry, just like your best friend, encourages you to put on your best dress, those long-forgotten killer pumps, and celebrate life! Our wide assortment of specialty pieces offers silver earrings and necklace sets, along with a variety of pearls and gemstone bracelets. Wear any of our unique pieces, and embody the brave, bold, and bright Vanesa de Marko woman in you!

Her Story

Viktorija Aleknavičienė, Physiotherapist

"It is so important not to forget to thank yourself for where you are now.

I often repeat (to myself and the children), “It is never enough just to try! Whatever we do in life, if we put 120% of ourselves into it, we will always succeed. And if we do it with love, everything in life will work for us.”

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